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The Nursery Rhyme Collection

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The first Nursery Rhyme Collection was released in 2009, featuring 70 songs on 2 CDs, played by real musicians in many different styles of popular music.
The success in the UK was overwhelming and so the musicians returned into the studio to record another exciting double album: Nursery Rhyme Collection 2, featuring 67 more Nursery Rhymes.

33 musicians perform 137 of the most beautiful Children's Songs ever
Samples of The Nursery Rhymes Collection 1

NEW: The Nursery Rhyme Collection 2, Vol 3 & 4, another 160 minutes of pure listening pleasure for young and old.
Free audio samples of the Nursery Rhymes Collection 2

- 33 top musicians
- 137 timeless songs of
- 4 centuries of music
- 2 double CDs (4 discs)
- Total playing time 4:48:40

Mat Williams We are proud to present a brand new release, featuring Mat Williams, one of the key players on both Nursery Rhymes Collections. Mat added a folky touch to many of our acoustic arrangements, playing instruments like the fiddle, mandolin, banjo, Irish whistle and some more. A Collection Of Traditional British Folk Songs His acoustic folk album features some of the best known tunes of English & Irish Folk, e.g. Scarborough Fair, Wild Rover, Dashing Away With The Smoothing Iron and many more. Just click the Play button below and listen to some samples.

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In order to listen to all the songs of the album, see all lyrics and commentaries use this link: English traditional Folk songs. To learn more about Mat please visit his homepage: www.matwilliams.co.uk