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The Nursery Rhyme Collection

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Explore the most ambitious Children's Music Albums ever recorded!

The Nursery Rhyme Collection Vol 1 - Vol 4 is aimed at parents who appreciate the beauty of 'real music'. We invite you to explore our site with your child and find the fun things to see and do whilst learning about music:

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Released in September 2011
after another 10 month of recording

The Nursery Rhyme Collection 2

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Ian Watts (producer) about the first Nursery Rhyme Collection (Volume 1 & 2):
An eclectic and stimulating mix of Nursery Rhymes and Children’s Songs performed by real musicians on real vintage instruments in many interesting styles. A timeless collection for children to sing, dance, learn and sleep to whilst opening their eyes, ears, hearts and minds to the sounds of real music performances. 70 full length tracks creating an enjoyable and stress free listening experience for both the children and their parents alike!
One of my earliest childhood memories was listening to a reel-to-reel tape of nursery rhymes on my father’s stereo system; I knew every tune and lyric inside out and I am positive that it inspired my own musical abilities from which I have had so much personal enjoyment. Some 35 years later when purchasing Nursery Rhymes for my own son I found the choice to be less than desirable with the recordings sounding cheap, tinny, lifeless and unreal. I noticed both my own son and my young niece responded far more when hearing normal pop music, especially enjoying the feels and attack of the tracks and dancing to the drums. Having performed in live bands myself I decided to record my own versions with real musicians and real instruments rather than the tame sounding computer generated fake instruments and over-perfect vocals of the music I had bought. I wanted the reality of real music with the attitude and feel of a true human performance to educate my own son and to inspire any musical love or even abilities he may have hidden deep within. To that end I enlisted the help of my musical partner and band-mate Mike Wilbury, plus many other very talented musician friends, who used to performing ‘serious music’ of their own strangely jumped at the chance to work on a project of this nature. Letting their hair down for a bit of fun they brought their own characters to the songs, helping mould and shape this album into the many wonderful styles contained within. Each track highlights the highest quality of studio recording and a mass of beautiful high quality instruments all playing a little part in creating something very special. The results have far exceeded my initial hopes and I truly believe a product that will be enjoyed by everyone’s children at any age has been born. I also know that the adult will enjoy these recordings just as much as the child; perhaps spotting some of the influences hidden within, because let’s face it; we also have to listen to it over and over again in the house or in the car! So why not listen to something of some integrity that won’t drive us mad and with any luck your own children will pick up on the enjoyment we had in creating it and just maybe... some talented musicians of the future may look back on this album with fond memories of their own.

Read Ians article about the development of his Nursery Rhymes Collections

For more information on the making of the Nursery Rhymes Collection and the individual songs please visit our YouTube Channel or click on one of the song's names:

Humpty Dumpty    Georgie Porgie    Three Blind Mice    My Bonnie    What Shall We Do With The Grumpy Pirate    Baa Baa Black Sheep    Shoo Fly    Michael Finnegan    Little Liza Jane    The Teddy Bears Picnic Rock a Bye Baby    Puff The Magic Dragon    She’l l Be Coming Round The Mountain Looby Loo Polly Put The Kettle On The Big Ship Sailed One Finger One Thumb See Saw Margery Daw The Muffin Man Frere Jacques/Brother John/I Hear Thunder Jack and Jill    Row Row Row Your Boat    The Bear Went Over The Mountain    London Bridge Is Falling Down    Oh Dear What Can The Matter Be    Hickory Dickory Dock    Old Mother Hubbard    London’s Burning There’s A Hole In My Bucket    Skip To My Lou Little    Tommy Tucker    Incy Wincy Spider    The Runaway Train    Sing A Song Of Sixpence    This Is The House That Jack Built I’m A Little Teapot The Wheels On The Bus    The Grand Old Duke Of York    Heads Shoulders Knees and Toes    Clap Your Hands Together    Tommy Thumb Ring A Ring O' Roses    Here We Go Round The Mulberry Bush    If You’re Happy and You Know It    ABCDEFG (Alphabet Song    The Animals Marched In Two By Two    One Man Went To Mow    Ten Green Bottles/Wind The Bobbin Up    This Old Man    One, Two, Three, Four, Five    There Were Ten In A Bed    Old MacDonald Had A Farm    Allouette    Brahms Lullaby    Oranges And Lemons    Pop Goes The Weasel    Old King Cole    Lavendar Blue    The Owl and The Pussycat    Star Sky Lullaby I Can Sing A Rainbow    Mary Mary Quite Contrary    Skye Boat Song    Hey Diddle Diddle    The Moon Is Gently Rising    Little Bo Peep    Pussycat Pussycat    Goodnight Goodnight    Twinkle Twinkle Little Star    Hush Little Baby

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